Current Projects

Townhouse Garden

Here is a nice townhouse garden project we have just started. We will be screening the unsightly block walls and metal shed, installing a water feature, lighting, perimeter climbers, dense grasses and herbaceous planting, a new paved area and painting.          Read more »

Water Feature

Here is a nice water feature we recently completed. The backdrop is tongue and groove larch. The purpose of the wings on the mini pergola is to protect the sluicing water from buffeting by the cross wind. The legs of the pergola are mounted on steel shoes which are in turn encased in water proof… Read more »

EVE Harvest Sensory Garden, Kildare Town

It’s happening again. Every year around this time, seemingly out of nowhere, comes an irresistible compulsion to attend to the needs of the homestead. And as I have said before it is a totally primal, subliminal, unconscious thing. It quite clearly has to do with our inherent rhythms, our ancient propensity to tie up loose… Read more »


Here is my first harvest of compost from this nifty revolving composter that I made from a large plastic drum. It is set on a timber frame to facilitate rotation. It incorporates a tubular steel spine running through the middle which is bolted at both ends and has a large steel handle for turning. Material… Read more »

Back Garden North Dublin

We are overhauling a sloped back garden in North Dublin. A lot of overgrown and unwanted vegetation was cleared, an old shed and deck removed. We are constructing a new raised deck with storage underneath, a new set of steps, boardwalk, lower level deck and storage structure / garden room. The block perimeter wall will… Read more »

Nearly Finished in Co. Meath

Here is a view of how things are shaping up in the back garden we are doing in Co. Meath. A lot of demolition and excavation, planting, paving, covered three season porch, perimeter wall screens, lighting, two storage sheds, lawn work.   Read more »

Rear Garden North Dublin

Here are a few graphics of a project we have just started in North Dublin. Removal of existing deck, shed and unsuitable planting. New raised deck, garden room, perimeter screen, boardwalk, planting and lawn. Stay tuned for progress photos. Read more »

Outhouse Remodel

The floor slab going into the old cattle shed we are turning into an outside office suite with courtyard garden in Co. Laois. A new roof is the next step, stay tuned. Read more »

Agricultural Outhouse Remodel, Co. Laois

We have been asked to turn this 40 square metre former cattle shed into an office suite, complete with interior courtyard garden. The first step is to level the grade and prepare for the pour of the 150mm concrete floor slab. Stay tuned for updates.   Read more »

Back Garden Co. Meath

Here is one we have just started. Demo of existing sheds, gazebo, patio, planting, screens. Replace with polycarbonate covered pergola, heightened perimeter privacy screens, expanded and updated paving, new planting scheme, new lawn, new and expanded general storage and fuel storage structures, re configured entrance and passageway. Here is the garden currently. Here is a… Read more »