St. Mary’s – Remembering The Forgotten Dead

The projects are coming thick and fast. The last one was all about the contemporary and the global. The next one is more about the historic and the local. St. Mary’s Cemetery is located on the Ballintubbert Road in Athy. The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage describes it thus: “Workhouse burial ground with grave markers… Read more »

More On The Hazel Garden Opening

So we eventually got there. Last Saturday evening saw the first group of refugees to use the Syrian courtyard garden at the reception centre in Monasterevin. An idea which was born towards the end of 2015 finally and officially came into being on Saturday evening. The route has been circuitous, the process arduous in places.… Read more »


Space, the final frontier. It’s all about the space now; outer space, inner space. Space, there seems to be plenty of it knocking around but we invariably can’t get our hands on enough of it to meet our needs. We notice that the principal protagonists on our beloved home renovation shows no longer refer to… Read more »

A Beacon Of Hope Destroyed

Syria hasn’t gone away. It’s still there, being decimated piece by piece, its citizens (those who haven’t managed to flee) living in utterly desperate conditions. No infrastructure, no water, no food, minimal shelter, being pounded on an hourly basis by Russian bombers. The city of Aleppo has been reduced to a pile of smouldering rubble.… Read more »

Culture Culture Culture

I’ve been doing quite well on the social front recently. In the last three weeks I’ve been to three gigs, which believe me is a frequency which will skew the annual average out of all recognition. First up we had hardcore Northumberland folkies The Unthanks in the Set Theatre in Kilkenny, followed closely by Californian… Read more »

The Midlands

The Midlands gets a bad rap. Conventional wisdom has it that it is nothing but the annoying chunk of nothingness that you have to get through on the way from one coast to the other. But we know better. We know the beauty of the Midlands landscape, a landscape punctuated by unique villages and towns.… Read more »


I was in Leighlinbridge last Saturday week to deliver a talk as part of the annual Carlow Garden Trail. The festival takes place around this time every year and consists of a series of lectures, talks and workshops at various venues throughout the county. My presentation, which concerned the origin and evolution of my Bloom… Read more »

The Land

What is at the heart of our relationship with land, with the land? Indeed, we could extend that out to include property in general. Could it be that we are more strongly informed by our tragic history on this than we think? Somewhere deep in the murky recesses of the Irish psyche is the remembrance… Read more »

Carlow Garden Trail

Many thanks to the folks at Carlow Garden Trail for the invitation to deliver the opening talk of this year’s festival. I had a great time in Leighlinbridge. Diarmuid wasn’t bad that evening either. Read more »

The Vernacular

In any discussion on architecture we will hear a lot of use of the word “vernacular”. What exactly is the vernacular, what does it mean? It’s the name given to the type of building, in any country, that reflects local traditions and which has developed based on local needs and available materials. Supposedly planning authorities… Read more »