Run For Your Life, It’s A Tree

We spoke about trees last week and their prominence at this time of the year, how inspiring a thing a well-placed tree can truly be. What is probably less appreciated and which, in my experience, is an undeniable fact is this; people are afraid of trees. Absolutely petrified. This is a conclusion I haven’t come… Read more »

Bittersweet Symphony

Everything In Its Right Place as Thom Yorke and the boys from Radiohead told us there a few years ago. I think they were referring to trees. Where we are right now in the calendar, late autumn to early winter, could be described as prime tree time. We are inspired by the changing colour palette,… Read more »

The Lammas Project

Remember when you used to ask your class mates if they saw The Benny Hill Show last night, or Chips? Well now it’s Grand Designs you ask your colleagues about. Well anyway did you see the one a few weeks ago, October 26th to be precise, which featured a couple by the name of Simon… Read more »

A Little Help From My Fronds

Something would need to look decrepit to the point of hopelessness for me to pass up the opportunity to have a go at reusing or recycling it, if it’s there for the taking. So there I was, earlier this summer, messing about in the green waste pile of a well known nursery, as you do,… Read more »

The High Line

Are you familiar with The High Line? The High Line (also known as High Line Park) is a one and a half mile long linear park built in Manhattan on an elevated section of a disused New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line. Inspired by a similar project in Paris, the three-… Read more »

What Winter?

I have been ticking off the projects around the house like a trooper over the past couple of weeks. I’m like Taz from the cartoon back in the day. This happens every autumn. This crazed burst of energy, this urgency to get loose ends tied up. And every time it happens it gives me occasion… Read more »

What Do You Mean Environment?

All politics is local. So say those who know about or are interested in such things. What springs to mind when the word environment is mentioned? Kyoto protocols, carbon footprints, emission standards, global warming, climate change, polar ice caps, Hurricane Katrina, O-zone layers, the earth as seen from the moon. All global, epic notions. When… Read more »

St. Mary’s – Remembering The Forgotten Dead

The projects are coming thick and fast. The last one was all about the contemporary and the global. The next one is more about the historic and the local. St. Mary’s Cemetery is located on the Ballintubbert Road in Athy. The National Inventory of Architectural Heritage describes it thus: “Workhouse burial ground with grave markers… Read more »

More On The Hazel Garden Opening

So we eventually got there. Last Saturday evening saw the first group of refugees to use the Syrian courtyard garden at the reception centre in Monasterevin. An idea which was born towards the end of 2015 finally and officially came into being on Saturday evening. The route has been circuitous, the process arduous in places.… Read more »


Space, the final frontier. It’s all about the space now; outer space, inner space. Space, there seems to be plenty of it knocking around but we invariably can’t get our hands on enough of it to meet our needs. We notice that the principal protagonists on our beloved home renovation shows no longer refer to… Read more »