Changing Times

Every summer, the last week of July, the good folk down in Carlow Tourism stage the Carlow Garden Festival. This year in fact it ran for nine days, from July 21st to July 30th. The idea is to stage at least one event on each of those days whether it be a talk, a presentation,… Read more »

Bananas & Rain

Right, so here is something I’m pretty sure you didn’t know. I only found out myself this morning. You can grow a banana plant in your back garden. Or your front garden for that matter. Despite their exotic appearance, the roots of banana plants can withstand bone chillingly cold temperatures. Now, in the Irish midlands… Read more »

Bottling It

Let me throw a few interesting statistics at you. The world consumes 1 000 000 plastic bottles per minute. That is the equivalent of approximately 17 000 per second. 480 billion bottles were sold globally in 2016. If laid end to end they would reach halfway to the sun. By 2021, at current rates of… Read more »


I’m a big fan of Brendan O’ Connor. I’m a big fan of his television work, his easy way with guests on his former Saturday night show covering items of frivolity or high seriousness. I’m a big fan of his Cutting Edge series where he elicits all manner of insight from a wide array of… Read more »

Gardening and the ‘Yoof’

So, there I was the other day leafing through The Guardian trying to look cool when I happened upon something very interesting. It was an article by Kim Stoddart which touched upon a few ways in which gardening, in the U.K. at any rate, is slowly but steadily developing an appeal for younger generations. Now… Read more »

Don’t Be Afraid To Fake It

It’s never dull round my way.  A look across my desk this minute reveals a lovely array of projects at various stages of development. Some are mere ideas taking some sort of shape, some are designed and ready to go, some are ongoing, some are wrapping up. Then there’s the pile of miscellaneous bits and… Read more »

Post Bloom

So that’s a wrap for another year. Last Tuesday saw us complete the breakdown of the Bloom 2017 garden. A process which began before Christmas when the initial submission invitation e mails started to arrive culminated in the past week with the careful dismantling and relocation of all the elements of the garden to the… Read more »


Wherever you stand ideologically on wind turbines there is no denying their epic presence. I’m thinking primarily of the commune of turbines which was constructed in, what is essentially, the middle of the bog in Mount Lucas, Co. Offaly a few years ago. Pretty much wherever I go in my van in the midlands I… Read more »


In my mind Portmarnock had glory days. In my mind Portmarnock was in its pomp back in the nineteen eighties. This is due primarily, I’m sure, to the Carrolls Irish Open as it was then. The Irish Golf Open was held at Portmarnock links course back then, when tobacco companies sponsoring prestigious sporting events didn’t… Read more »


It’s a funny old designed world all the same. The next you go to a performance in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre I urge you to stop and have a good look around the, eh, toilets. Yep the jax. And to enjoy the spectacle in all its glory be sure to do two things; a)… Read more »